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"An interior should be a window into an individual’s soul, an expression of their experiences, lifestyle, and beliefs. But above all, it should be a source of daily inspiration and improve the quality of life. The only way to achieve these objectives is through a customer-centric approach which is the core of every project." 


Teodora Panayotova graduated in interior design and furniture engineering from the University of Forestry in Sofia. But as a designer with a soul of an artist, she completed a master's degree in visual communications at the National Academy of Arts Sofia.
She worked for various design studios until she established a successful private practice in 2018.


Teodora starts each project by building a connection with the people who will be her project's primary users. This is the bases of each of her projects and serves as a northern star throughout the creative process. Her projects range from living quarters to restaurants, bars, offices, and sometimes unthinkable combinations, like the Tavex office, which is both an office and a party venue.

Teodora believes that our surroundings shape our daily lives. People can have a better life by making those surroundings better and molding them to inspire the users and ease the mundane tasks. Or, as Teodora likes to say:
good design = good life


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